Yarmouk Water Company is a national limited liability company wholly owned by the Jordan Water Authority. It started in 2011 working on the operation and maintenance of drinking water production and distribution systems, which depend mainly on groundwater, in addition to a set of different springs and water sources in addition to the collection and purification of wastewater in Northern Governorates of Jordan (Irbid, Jerash, Ajloun and Mafraq).
The company provides services to nearly two million and 700 thousand people living in a geographical area of (29) thousand square kilometers, which is equivalent to one third of Kingdom area, the company manages a drinking water system consisting of (231) wells and transmission , distribution networks about (10540) linear kilometers and operation (11) Wastewater treatment plants with a total capacity of 50,000 cubic meters per day and (1800) linear kilometers of sewage collection networks.
Since its inception, the company has been challenged by the rapid growth of the served population due to the reception area served by nearly one million Syrian refugees over the past years and the increase in the number of water subscribers from (289) thousand in 2014 to (340) thousand in 2018 and from (107) thousand of Swage subscribers to (141) thousand In addition to Decline in productivity of internal water resources and the financial crises that started with its inception and which still constitute a huge burden on its shoulders.
In recent years, the company has made great strides to reduce expenses and energy consumption, reduce waste, increase revenues, increase water production and seek to additional water sources to meet the needs and increasing demand for water, increasing water production from 81 million cubic meters in 2014 to 96 million cubic meters in 2018.
It has also exerted great efforts to improve the quality of services provided to citizens, develop electronic services, financial and accounting systems, human resources systems and tenders, and develop technical and administrative capabilities through training programs to promote the human element and effective communication with various media in order to achieve clarity, credibility and transparency in dealing with local communities and establish the confidence of the company and it’s performance.
The company attaches great importance to the quality of drinking water, which is strictly monitored around the clock, so the company is keen to provide laboratories equipped with the latest technology and conduct specialized tests to ensure the quality and specifications of the water pumped to citizens

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