The water situation in Jordan in general and in the North governorates particular requires maximum efforts and harnessing all the available resources and hard work, systematic and continuous to search for water resources to meet the increasing demand day after day and year after year, under the imposition of the expansion of the urban area and the continuous Natural and coercive population growth.
Technological development has become an obsession that must be pursued both in the implementation of projects or the provision of services that serve the interests of the company and at the same time to serve the citizen parallel with the development in various fields, including water and sanitation services.
Yarmouk Water Company is an integral part of the water sector, which is based on the management of water resources, maintenance and operation of drinking water, as well as the collection and purification of sewage water in a large area representing about One-third of Jordan's area, serving at least 2 million and 700,000 citizens despite many challenges and difficulties of water shortages and financial resources, the increase of the energy bill, the cost of operating expenses and the continuous increasing of beneficiaries of services year after year.
Through the sincere support and determination of all the company employees and through the support provided by the countries, organizations and friendly bodies and the studied plans, we aspire to overcome all the obstacles and difficulties and translate all that to make a qualitative leap in all fields of work and establishing a model to be built to serve the coming generations and to achieve the Royal vision to develop services provided to citizens in this great country under great country under great leadership.

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