The most important challenges facing the water sector in general and the Yarmouk water company in particular are the scarcity of water sources, the dispersal of population groups and the lack of financial resources to implement major projects to serve the northern region therefore, the management of the water and sewerage services sector is one of the most complex sectors in terms of expensive operating requirements, permanent maintenance, laboratory monitoring and immediate treatment, in the absence of decreasing resources, decreasing production of others and the continuous increase in demand every year, it’s a need no one can live without.
Yarmouk Water Company, which follows operation, maintenance and distribution of water in the north of Jordan, has a huge burden to deliver its services to citizens within a geographical area of various terrain, making it more difficult to work, which necessitates double efforts and the need to rehabilitate many old pipes and networks Implemented dozens of years ago to serve a certain number of the population and no longer meet the purpose in parallel with the increase in population and the increase of servants and the necessary funds to run enough additional water sources and the establishment of new plants and modern pumps with greater capabilities and the expansion of the implementation of the line Tanker and sub-sectors and increase in energy consumption.
As part of its strategy and strategic plans, the company sets the executive plan 2018-2025 as one of its priorities, including reducing water losses in all its forms, which reached 45% through the rehabilitation the outdated and damaged networks, reduce the energy bill by implementing alternative energy projects to operate the main water resources , activate permanent control over illegal uses, reduce response time to network maintenance and increased control over meter reading and work to reduce the operational cost by activating programs and financial systems and computerized systems in all areas of the company's work

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