Yarmouk Water Company follows the principle of prevention of the best of Qantar treatment by following the following two approaches to quality management:
1- Protecting water resources based on the protection of water resources in the three protection zones and in coordination with the relevant partners to prevent or reduce the causes of pollution, as well as ongoing awareness campaigns for local communities around water resources exposed to surface pollution
2 - plans for of water, which is a new concept adopted by the World Health Organization for the management of water quality based on the comprehensive assessment of all risks to the system of water supply starts from the source to the subscriber’s meter, this concept depends on a set of preventive and proactive measures that reduce the work of Laboratory control aims to manage existing and projected risks to ensure safe water production.
Yarmouk Water Company has prepared a set of water safety plans for water supply systems such as water supply systems for Wadi El Arab wells and Ain El Deek station in coordination with the Directorate of Planning and Evaluation / Central Laboratories and the Ministry of Health to take the necessary approvals.

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