Yarmouk Water Company

Project Name: SCADA Project for Northern Governorates (25 \ 2013 \ SW)

Financing Entities: Spanish Government (Loan)

Implementing Party: Telvent Enviroment SA-KV Consultores de Ingeniria

Duration of the project: 731 days

Direct date: 2 \ 3 \ 2014

Value of the project: 12 million Euros

The project aims to implement the SCADA system in the northern governorates for remote control and monitoring the performance of water networks and sources and data collection in order to raise the level of management of operations and maintenance, especially information related to water quantities, quality and efficiency of operating systems.

Project goals:

- control of water-related data management

- control of sites, equipment and water stations

- Upgrading the management of water resources

- Monitoring leaks and water losses

- Optimal exploitation of water resources (surface and wall)

- Reduce energy costs and operating costs

- Raising the level of services offered to subscribers

- Raising the level of services offered to subscribers

- Optimal use of water systems resources

Project Phases:

- Field survey of all sites covered by the project (Annex 1)

- Engineering designs of the system

- Working on the arrangements and obtaining approvals from the official departments with the relationship

- Use of the fillers of the loan value of the project (Provisional sum) for the rehabilitation of infrastructure

- Import and shipment of all equipment included in the project

- Supply and installation of all equipment and measuring equipment included in the project

- Training

- Operation of the system

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