Based on the importance of preserving the water quality, the Yarmouk Water Company's laboratories directorates Monitoring of various water resources (springs and wells, in addition to water supply systems from pumping stations, reservoirs, public network, subscriber meter) to ensure that it’s free of chemical and bacterial contaminants according to Jordanian microbiological standards for 2017 and the Jordanian Standard for Drinking Water No. 286/2015.
Preparation of bacterial specimens and conformity ratios:
The number of samples in 2018 collected by the quality department staff (6419) was conducted (8048) a different analysis to cover the requirements of the Jordanian standard.
Samples and tests carried out for water resources and water supply systems and subscriber meter during (2010-2018).

In general, the overall ratios of bacterial drinking water samples during the years (2010-2018) were as shown

In order to preserve the environment and safety, the Directorate of Laboratories also monitors the quality of reclaimed water in wastewater treatment plants and assesses their conformity with Jordanian Standard No. 893/2015, as well as a statement of the violations in which 279 different samples were collected from the 11 stations During the year 2018 (4177) conducted a different analysis.

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