The Minister of Water and Irrigation, Eng. Raed Abu Al-Saud, met with the Director General of Yarmouk Water Company. Nabil Zu'bi and water director of Irbid Governorate Montaser Al Momani and Director of Wadi Al Arab water drag. Bilal Al-Sharif on the progress of this important strategic project which water supply and stressed that the government seeks to raise the efficiency of performance and make a qualitative leap and improve the water and sanitation services provided to citizens, which will reduce the water deficit and provide the best services that are the basis after success in securing water needs In all northern regions. The project manager and the supervisors on the progress of the work, which amounted to more than 55 thousand m 3 of the concrete works out of 60 thousand m 3 and the main conveyor lines length of 25 km and the need to complete the work in time to enable the Ministry / Water Authority to operate the project before the end of the year Even partially, to provide additional drinking water to the northern governorates. The $ 110 million project, in the form of loans from the European Investment Bank and the French Development Agency, as well as a grant from the European Union, includes the construction of a desalination plant from the King Abdullah Canal from the Sea of ​​Galilee to provide 30 million cubic meters of water per year, The pipeline runs from Al Mansheya area in the northern Jordan Valley to the good and middle Altayia and ends with the Irbid pen in Zebeda reservoir. It also includes three pumping stations on the same line which is 1200 mm diameter. The minister also inspected the Kafaranga Dam and the Desalination Plant and toured the dam facilities in the presence of its employees. (7.3 million cubic meters). He explained that the plans adopted by the Ministry of Water and Irrigation in all its sectors and the water harvesting were able, thank God, to face all the pressures faced by the sector and achieved a remarkable improvement in water supply and saving. The minister continued his tour of the northern and central regions of the Jordan Valley where he inspected a number of water sites that provide farmers in the central valleys, Deir Ola, Karima and Abu Ubaida with irrigation water as well as drinking water.

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