His Excellency the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Yarmouk Water Company, Dr. Hussein Al-Soub, in the presence of the Governor of Irbid Radwan Al-Atoum, the Director of the (BGR) project, the German Federal Institute for Geosciences, Rebecca Bahlz, the President of the Irbid Chamber of Industry Hani Abu Hassan, and the representatives of the governorate, Rashid Al-Shouha and Dr. Zuhair Al-Sayedin, Muhammad Al-Ababneh, Muhammad Aqil Al-Shatnawi, Assistant Secretary General of the Water Authority for Media Affairs Omar Salama, General Manager of the company, Engineer Montaser Al-Momani, Vice President of the Jordanian Women’s Union Ferdous Al-Shabar, directors of official departments, water managers, representatives of the women’s sector, youth and associations, today, Thursday, March 3, in Irbid Governorate House The awareness campaign of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation to protect groundwater resources (if you are a well-behaved, spend by measure) within the technical cooperation program for the project to manage groundwater resources in Jordan between the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and the German Federal Institute for Geosciences BGR, funded by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development BMZ, to promote the culture of harvest Water conservation and water conservation and raising awareness of the reality of groundwater and protecting it from pollution and attacks. The Governor of Irbid Radwan Al-Atoum gave a speech in the audience, appreciating the role of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and the Yarmouk Water Company in improving the water situation in the northern governorates, stressing the importance of government partnership in finding appropriate solutions to water challenges and ensuring citizens’ needs . Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Hussein Al-Soub reviewed the water situation in Jordan, especially in the areas affiliated with the Yarmouk Water Company, as well as the water scarcity, as it is one of the water-poorest countries in the world.. Pointing to the challenges facing the water sector from the scarcity of water resources, the depletion of underground resources, the attack on water sources and climate change, indicating that concerted efforts Among all ministries and partners to face water challenges is the way to find sustainable solutions, praising the efforts of the German Federal Institute for Geosciences in supporting the efforts of the water sector. Engineer Montaser Al-Momani gave a presentation in which he explained the main tasks of the Yarmouk Water Company, the most important water resources and the most important challenges facing the water sector, especially in the northern governorates, the attacks on water resources and their inability to meet water needs, the high energy costs, the gap between supply and demand, the high operating costs and after gatherings The population center on water resources, pointing to a number of projects that will be implemented, such as the Fara projects, the modernization of water networks and the implementation of sewage projects. For her part, BGR Project Director Rebecca Bahlz reviewed the projects of the German Federal Institute in Jordan to protect groundwater resources and awareness campaigns in cooperation with the Media and Communication Affairs. The assistant for media and communication affairs, Mr. Omar Salameh, referred to the efforts made by the water sector to reduce water losses, confront attacks on water sources and protect groundwater sources from depletion, calling on citizens, within the context of the campaign, to use methods to rationalize water consumption and cooperate in facing challenges. Irbid The necessity of reducing water losses in Irbid and confronting the aggression Irbid Chamber of Industry President Hani Abu Hassan stressed the importance of these workshops, praising the cooperation with the German side, especially with the industrial private sector and the importance of benefiting from the water resources. Water efficiently. An extensive discussion took place on a number of issues and topics focused on water, sanitation and groundwater.

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