The Secretary General of the Water Authority, Eng. Bashar Bataineh, and the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Jordan, Mr. Harry Verweij "sponge city workshop", in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Dr. Jihad Al-Mahamid, the Chairman of the Yarmouk Water Managers Authority, His Excellency Dr. Hussein Al-Soub, and a number of officials in the water sector and the Yarmouk Water Company. The Secretary-General of the Water Authority Bashar Al-Bataineh said that this workshop aims to learn more An insight into the Amsterdam Sponge City concept which showcases a case of innovative approaches to bringing together the challenges of a water company for wastewater, stormwater runoff and water management under climate change, working to share knowledge and deepen the partnership between Dutch and Jordanian organizations in the water sector. Batayneh added that this partnership is of strategic importance to the Ministry of Water / Water Authority and Yarmouk Water Company due to the urgent need in the Jordanian water sector to improve the efficiency of water management and water and sanitation services provided to citizens, where the high population growth, along with the influx of refugees has led to significant challenges to the water supply in Kingdom, especially in northern Jordan. The Secretary General of the Water Authority stressed the climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic, which has greatly affected water resources in the past two years. Batayneh thanked the Dutch embassy for rehabilitating 7 areas in Irbid city to improve the sewage collection system and reduce operational problems and floods in these areas, appreciating its role in training, operation and maintenance in this project. For his part, the Dutch Ambassador to Amman Harry Verweij stated that improving international water management is a priority of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with other parties from the Dutch government and the Dutch water sector, including World Waternet, which will help to fulfill global commitments in different national and local contexts, especially that Jordan is the second most water-scarce country in the world. The ambassador added that in 2020, the Netherlands supported the Water Operators Partnership (WOP) between World Waternet and the Yarmouk Water Company based on demand-based cooperation and in close cooperation with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and the Water Authority of Jordan, which aims to improve the operational performance and service provision of the Yarmouk Water Company in relation to collection operations. and sustainable wastewater treatment and management through a long-term support program. The head of the Yarmouk Water Managers Authority, d. Hussein Al-Soub His Majesty King Abdullah II gave the water and environment sectors the utmost attention because he realizes that effective and environmentally friendly water management is our best option to enhance and improve our agricultural production and to make water a basic necessity available to all people. Al-Soub added that Jordan's security is a critical issue in the region, and water security contributes greatly to this fact, as the Jordanian government has taken important steps to address all water security issues, implement important and pioneering projects, and efficiently manage water to achieve water security.

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