Surveying Properties and Responding to Violations

Surveying Properties and Responding to Violations

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A survey has been conducted through Yarmouk Water Company’s (YWC) Surveying Department to identify properties connected illegally to wastewater networks. The survey targeted 13,472 in Qasabit Irbid, as well as 9463 in Bani Ubaid District, which could officially be connected to YWC’s wastewater network, for Irbid Governorate, as of 17 October 2014. The survey also included 1115 and 1679 properties in Ramtha and Ajloun, in addition to 4115 and 1519 properties in the governorates of Jarash and Mafraq respectively.

Results showed 653 properties connected illegally to the Irbid network, of which 568 violators were issued notices and 426 subscribers visited Qasabit Irbid’s Water Directorate to pay overdue bills and penalties for illegally benefiting from the wastewater network.

Moreover, 120 additional cases involved in illegal connections have been identified during the months of August and September 2014, within the YWC service provision areas. YWC management has announced that it will disconnect water and wastewater services from subscribers receiving notices to pay their overdue balances, and failing to do so will result in redirecting them to legal authorities.

For issues concerning inflicting damages to pipelines and wastewater networks, such cases will be directed to the public prosecutor and taken legal action against. As for old subscribers to the wastewater network, YWC’s Surveying Department will conduct additional surveys to ensure their proper connection to the network and issue notices for any overdue balances, as standard procedure.

YWC Surveying Department’s main duties and responsibilities in responding to customer concerns:

  1. Surveying properties not connected to the wastewater network within the company’s service provision zones. 
  2. Surveying properties connected to the wastewater network, illegally or not in compliance with standards.
  3. Receiving subscription payments for wastewater services and applying fees for connecting to the wastewater network from wastewater service beneficiaries. 
  4. Checking for illegal uses and damages to pipelines, water and wastewater networks as well as YWC/Water Authority stations, wells and facilities.
  5. Eradicating violations to pipelines and water/wastewater networks as well as stations and wells, in addition to YWC/Water Authority facilities.  

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