About Us

About Us

Yarmouk Water Company (YWC) came as a continuation to the Northern Governorates Water Administration (NGWA) as of 26/7/2010, after being registered as a limited liability company in accordance with provisions of the Jordanian Companies Law No.22 of 1997. YWC is owned entirely by the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ); forming the General Assembly, which is represented by the Board of Directors of WAJ. The Company is managed and supervised by seven Board members, whom collectively possess the authority to appoint the General Manager and assign the required terms of reference to manage YWC.   

Yarmouk Water strives for the provision of optimal services in the water and wastewater sectors with efficiency to raise the level and quality of services provided in the areas of Irbid, Mafraq, Ajloun and Jarash and to implement strategic initiatives aiming to lessen the burden on the State’s treasury. Such initiatives include reducing water wastage and decreasing energy consumption, thus improving the financial situation by increasing revenues and reducing expenditures while also building the technical and managerial capacities to address issues related to water scarcity. This would enable the Company to meet the increased demand resulting from natural population growth and forced migration while building trust between the company and clients.  

YWC structure consists of the following:

  1. Irbid Water Directorate
  2. Mafraq Water Directorate
  3. Ajloun Water Directorate
  4. Jarash Water Directorate

In addition, there are a number of technical, administrative, financial, commercial and customer relations departments.  

YWC provides its services in both water and wastewater sectors for the aforementioned four governorates, reaching a customer base of around 300,000 for water and around 100,000 for wastewater subscribers.

Furthermore, it relies on groundwater sources, primarily on the wells of Al Aqeb, Wadi Arab, Hakama and Al-Ramtha in addition to a number of natural springs to supply around 85 million m3, annually.    

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